Editorial: Yayi’s Consultation Statement; a dicey implication

           Sen Olamilekan Solomon Adeola FCA (YAYI)

Ogun State polity is sure to be so interesting especially since gladiators have moved to the field earlier than schedule than most of the other states in the federation. The political market is experiencing an unprecedented sales of each aspirants soliciting for support via consultation with stakeholders in the system leaving no stone unturned.
In actual fact and without being sensationally sentimental, Sen Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (FCA) has kept his head high among the contestants despite not being in the white book of the incumbent Sen Ibikunle Amosun (FCA,CON). His grassroot penetration according to objective analysts has shown him as a master in the game having assembled gladiators and grassrooters across the length and breadth of the State despite spending all his political life outside the state, this has received thumbs up for the experienced legislator.

Two days ago at his empowerment program cum town hall meeting at Lagos West Senatorial District, Adeola reiterated his commitment to his constituents while appreciating them for their unflinching support but quick to inject that his service was needed at home (Ogun State). Unfortunately, he scared most of his followers at his ‘home’ by telling the Lagosians at the program of not yet affirming his stand on contesting in Ogun State hence, still consulting. This, to many analysts is either well calculated or an unfortunate goofing. To some again, they believed he is trying to ensure two birds are killed with a stone and might eventually leave his disciples as it was done during his Senatorial ambition in the build up of the last general election if he eventually lost out.

The Calculated
: its apparent that Yayi’s ambition makes some gladiators uncomfortable especially with his Lagos style of politics thereby causing  fear in some quarters. Yayi to some analysts used the statement to weigh the gravity of his political prowess in Ogun State polity which was evident as many antagonist cyber warlords took to their page to mock the statement and followers which directly pointed to the result he yarns to get to such a extent that gladiators who saw his ambition as a threat breath for relief but soon lost out when he reverted the statement to the delight of his supporters. Those analyst furthered to say the gathering of followers in his Ilaro home tagged rainbow coalition is to send a clear signal to powers that be in the State. Some also argued that if Adeola is still consulting at this stage after gaining a large number of followeship and acceptance then his declaration proper means the whole state will key into his ambition.

Risk taken; On the other side, some analysts believed he goofed over the statement but was quick to reverse after discovering the damage and danger such speech has caused via multiple press briefing. Some believed Yayi was been careful not to loose touch with his political loyalists in Lagos especially seeing that the control of the party is firmly with the incumbent, obviously visible from the last weekend party delegates congress. The damage may go to the extent of some of his loyalists having a rethink on their followership especially as he (Yayi) has a precedent in going back to Lagos. 

As it is, facts must be alluded that as far as Ogun State is concerned, Adeola’s name is in every mouth either as protagonist or antagonist making him one of the famous aspirant in the State to beat if he eventually contest. Other aspirants who have been making waves are Speaker Suraj Adekunbi, Hon Kolawole Lawal, Ladi Adebutu, Chief Odebiyi Tolu, Mr Jimi Lawal, Segun Seriki and Gboyega Isiaka


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