Awujale’s demise news, false.

              Awujale of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Adetona

The death of the Paramount ruler of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Adetona had flooded the social media early this afternoon over undisclosed illness with a rude shock on many Nigerians especially the Ijebus.

According to our investigation, it was discovered that Awujale is hale and hearty negating the earlier rumour.
A source who spoke with us recently said Awujale was ill but has been discharged about five days ago, but could not shut visitors off. He said the illness resurfaced and was taken back to the hospital but was discharged yesterday and taken to Oriental hotel so as not to be disturbed.

Another source who spoke with amebo said even the Speaker of the State, Rt Hon Suraj Adekunbi spoke with Awujale yesternight and till now all is well with him. Awujale is not new to death rumour, few years back, same death rumour was peddled against him by the prophet of doom for whatever reason best known to them, our source concluded.


2 thoughts on “Awujale’s demise news, false.

  1. This would not be the first time of carrying such information, it has been happening before this year and when I heard of it, my reply was that, it is to prolong his life or otherwise.


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