The Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District and founder Omoilu foundation has told leaders and followers of PDP loyal to him to desist from supporting and promoting the gubernatorial ambition of the 2015 gubernatorial candidate of PDP, Gboyega Nosiru Isiaka over sheniganian lies peddled against him.

In a meeting held yesterday at Sagamu Ogun State, the Senator described GNI has a younger brother but lied against him accusing him of collecting cash from him on the 2015 election build up. He said GNI told another top guber aspirant Sen Adeola Solomon (YAYI) and those who care to listen flimsy lies to discredit his long built personality.

He however opened his door to any guber-aspirant who believes in his ideology and that of his group “omo-ilu foundation” for support and promotion towards the realization of the goals of aspirant.


With reference to yesterday’s Ogun East PDP leaders’ meeting, I am not the type who would say a thing and eat his words. 
I never said anything about ANY government, either state or Federal government. 
Ogun East PDP leaders were meeting and I stopped over to greet them on my way to Lagos.
While it is true that I informed party leaders of the claim GNI made to Yayi against me and other PDP leaders, I spoke in the following terms:
1. That GNI is my younger brother whom I love and cherish but we now defer politically.
2. While I respect GNI’s or any other person’s right to be in PDP without being a member of the Omoilu group, I spoke as the leader of Omoilu group and SPBK Movement.
3. I publicly announced that the Omoilu group was withdrawing it’s support for GNI’s governorship ambition
4. Aside of the story GNI fed Yayi with wherein he claimed to have given me and the party leadership some money in 2015; GNI’s political activities are indicative of one who does not believe in Omoilu. 
5. Consequently, I declared the withdrawal of the support of the Omoilu group for GNI’s governorship ambition. This is to enable members of the Omoilu group and SPBK Movement to relate freely with any gubernatorial aspirant that believes in the political sagacity of their leadership.
6. Consequently, I requested all my admirers and supporters to desist from promoting GNI governorship interests forthwith. 
7. The leaders present at the meeting unanimously pledged to support my position and resolved to abide by it because, according to them, they believe in the ideals of the Omoilu group as well as the SPBK movement and my leadership.
8. I therefore wish to urge all my leaders, elders and followers to remain focused and continue to mobilise and organise in the interest of our group and party. We cannot wish away the fact that there are many groups within our party. 
9. However, we believe that at the appropriate time, the Almighty Allah subhana wa’ta ala will give our party the best candidate that all of us will be able to rally round and deliver. 

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