SURAJ.            KLM .            YAYI.         TOLU.

Its no longer a news that the Governor of Ogun State, Distinguished Senator Ibikunle Oluwatoyin Amosun CON FCA made known his area of interest, hear him: 

“Nobody can just GAMBLE and say I want to be Governor of Ogun State; I am not God but My position is that Nobody from Ogun Central will become Governor,If Ogun east come out I will not support them. In 2019,I will support the candidature of OGUN WEST ;Our Kabiyesi should please talk to our people, we don’t want #tekobo/#importedcandidate as governor in 2019; Ogun West, go and tidy up loose end”.
Many analysts have come out to decipher the statements credited to the acclaimed architect of modern Ogun State, to some especially from the Senator Solomon Adeola side, the tekobo is an affront on their collective interest and candidate believing the Governor is also guilty of such insult to the person of their principal. 
Also, the Ijebus since that day are either in a state of dilemma or confusion. As at today many who had been pursuing ijebu agenda have suddenly abandoned the agenda to align with any prospective candidate from Yewa axis. Meetings , WhatsApp groups have emanated suddenly hence hitting the agenda on mountain Kilimanjaro.

Among the Yewas who analysed the statement, some believed the Governor should not be trusted peradventure he has another game that will favour the Ijebus, the Governor was quoted to have uttered how much he respect the Awujale and his assurance of not campaigning against Ijebu candidates but prefers and will be backing the Yewas if they can tie loose end and not bringing a non residual candidate.
Many also have come to criticize the Governor for openly backing a region because his reign as the Governor was actually Yewa’s slot. He was also criticized based on the fact that Ogun people, not the Kabiyesis and Leaders of political parties will decide the next governor.

Strategic meetings have began thus it won’t be a gain saying that the polity is boiling in Ogun State. Most Yewa aspirants have rolled up the drum filling the social media agog with campaigns and seeking of support from Ogun indigents.

So far, the most popular among candidates in no hierarchy are Suraj Adekunbi, Kolawole Lawal Mobolorunduro, Adeola Olamilekan Solomon and Odebiyi Tolu. It is expedient to note that many are still coming.

From the Ijebu angle, despite the outrageous shock from the utterances of Mr Governor, they are guiding their loins seeing that Yewa people are known not to speak in one voice. Meetings have started, those who are keeping money at home are ready to spend, social media recruits will be on the high and lobbying will be enormous.

From the look of things the Governor is set to ensure he produces his successor while having both his likely candidate in Yewa and Ijebu. Those in the know said his candidate in Ijebu is a trusted allie who isn’t even a noise maker but will suddenly start to manifest anytime soon, known by Awujale. In Yewa, its dicey but the speaker is having a edge as he has started fast tracking consultative moves. Yayi and the Asiwaju School of Politics will leave no strength behind to wrestle the incumbent, but as the saying goes, only time will tell. Ogun 2019, an interesting movie with episodes and chapters.


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