3weeks after opening Behappy Petroleum in Ago-Iwoye, see what Behappy did in Oru-Ijebu

Three weeks after opening of BeHappy Petroleum in Ago Iwoye, the petroleum company has extended her services to Oru Ijebu town where he bought and rebuilding to 21st century taste a almost liquidating filling stationstation located at the heart beat of Oru Station.
In an appreciative mode, Mr Jimmy a son of Oru Land appreciated the CEO and a front gunner for Ifelodun House of Assembly seat, Mr Odunniyi Adelaja (BEHAPPY) for extending his business to Oru Land because the suffering  of going to Ago Iwoye, Ijebu Igbo and Awa to buy fuel will reduce by the time the station is completed just like that of Ago Iwoye.
Also the Oloru of Oru, has sent his words of appreciation to the CEO for taking the bold step. He noted his awareness of the exorbitant amount he bought the old station, saying the economy of Oru Land will increase at a high velocity. He said what he expects to see is the replica of what is built in Ago Iwoye.
Also a high chief in the land, Otunba Kunle Lakuns, CEO of Lakuns School, Oru commended the CEO, who he described as a goal getter, he congratulated him for coming to expand the economy of his inlaw’s land. The Chairman of AMORAN in Oru, who simply addressed her self as “Mrs Awaiting” said a new life has been injected into Oru. she thanked the CEO for coming to their rescue by extending BEHAPPY PETROLEUM and Mart to Oru despite the fact that he just opened that of Ago Iwoye few weeks ago.
Reacting, Mr Odunniyi Adelaja (BEHAPPY) returned all glory to God while appreciating the Oloru of Oru for his fatherly roles always. He thanked the people of Oru for giving him the support to operate without hitch. He promised to complete the station in few weeks.
Some of the services rendered are sales of Petroleum (PMS), Gas, Kerosene, SuperMarket goods and so much more. BEHAPPY PETROLEUM is situated at Ikorodu, Ago Iwoye and Oru 

One thought on “3weeks after opening Behappy Petroleum in Ago-Iwoye, see what Behappy did in Oru-Ijebu

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