By Olayemi Idris 

Kwara united and their management were aggressively attacked during their match  against FRSC away from home in Abuja.
The match started around 4 pm  yesterday, calmness and serenity were in the stadium arena until united scored their first goal.
Michael Ohanu put the visitors ahead in the 38th minutes of the encounter before FRSC player, Isaac Peter cancelled the lead and level for his team before the end of the match.
The bench for reserved players of united which was very close to the fans of hosting team and anytime the assistant referee take any decision against the host team, the home team fans  will move closer to the official officiating in that vicinity and abuse him. 
Against the expected jubilation and exhilaration from Kwara United fans, the visiting team fans remained serene but the home team fans were hellbent in causing mayhem by shaking the wired fence behind united fans and abuse them concomitantly. 
Howbeit, at the stadium, report has it that there were about 6 policemen and 4 civil defence corps who came to the venue with no weapons. They were reported to have come to the stadium with just handcuffs that appeared useless in the status quo. 
The chaos started immediately the final whistle was blown by centre referee,the match officials were chased around the pitch and adorned with rods,sticks of different sizes and the centre referee was hit with weapons by the home fans.
When the referee was running towards United players for safety, FRSC players also used that  opportunity to attack united players and their officials.
The home team fans tried to hijack the camera from united camera man which was used for coverage during the match. But it was also reported that the camera man had already removed the cassette from the camera. During the intervention of the securities on ground ,they were able to restore some calmness but united players and officials couldn’t get out of the pitch because of the violent display and untoward ambush already laid by FRSC supporters.
After 30 minutes of a scenario that beseems topsy-turvy, the match officials were guarded out of the stadium and some minutes later, Kwara United players also took their leave.
Photo credit

Aremu Omotayo


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