What you must know about YEIIS Empowerment Scheme slated for next month

It’s our delight to have received numerous questions as regards the forthcoming Ebunlobirin Empowerment Scheme tagged YEIIS aimed at empowering innovative ideas, job acquisition and even job employment among our teeming youth and womenfolks. 
We have grouped the series of questions into a simplified and explicit answers as below:

1. Why potential beneficiaries will buy #6,500 scratch card

We have decided not to wait until we have left overseas to commence this laudable program since their is no other better time to embark in this than now that the economic recession is biting hard. Having had the singular honour to partner with organizations of repute,who are very much willing to come to the aid of our youth at this critical time especially those who are ready to provide the basic and technological equipment, capital funding that can be paid for on instalmental contractual agreement.

However, the charged #6,500 is aimed at catering for each participant during the launch-seminar that will enable the participants get to know the basic modus operandi, partnering organizations, scope and concept of the scheme in the following: 

  • outfit for the participants #1,500
  • Lunch #1,500
  • Seat #1000
  • Materials and handout #500
  • Commission for sales of card, transport #500
  • Other logistics #1000

2. Why we must have a Seminar

The seminar will serve the following purposes:

  • To familiarize participants with the scope and concept of YEIIS 
  • To get enlightened on the roles each of the partnering organization will perform
  • The opportunity awaiting the participants after the seminar
  • Measures to take in other not to misuse the opportunity staring them in the face as provided by the foundation
  • To enable the organizations understands and note the needs of each participants in ensuring every ones need is catered for.

3.  What are the benefits of partaking in YEIIS

Yes the benefits are numerous but will be proned down to the following

  • The seminar will equip the participants with requisite knowledge on finance, market methodology, and various ways of assessing various loans of financial market.
  • YEIIS itself will provide the participants with the the following: Job opportunity (permanent), financial loan via partnering banks, capital equipments and materials that will be paid back instalmentally which are not limited.

4. How can I enrol?

Yes enrolling for YEIIS is simple, go to any of Ogun State local government or LCDA Secretariat and purchase your scratch card for just #6500, log in to http://ebunlobirin.org/yeiis-scheme/. Fill the form available, enter the digit found on your scratch card in the space provided, submit after filling.

Wait carefully for the notification that will be sent to either your email or phone number, this will contain a registration number that will enable you come for the materials for the seminar scheduled for 26th of April, 2017 at June 12 Cultural Center, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

5. Is this scheme for women and Girls alone?

No, its for every youth below 41 years of age with a minimum certificate of School leaving, number of credits does not matter.


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