You are Messengers with Entitlements, Adedapo writes Ogun Councillors

The CEO amebohotnews Adedapo David (Hon) writes an open letter to the newly sworn in councillors in Ogun State.
Dear Councillors,
I am mostly grateful to God that the day we all have been craving for came to pass despite a long wait. I must say Congratulations to you all. 
I am elated to write you this open letter, to serve as a guide towards the fulfilment of your aspirations and commitment to the high-expectations your constituents are salivating.
You must be magnanimous in victory, you are not the best in your wards but you are graced for today, some even stepped down for your emergence, carry them along. Today it is your turn to shine, tomorrow it will be someone else.
Power is transient and only belong to God especially if you record it in your heart that your days are numbered in the exalted office you mounted since yesterday. You must strive never to contend with your leaders, many in the past never believed that leaders are made and equally born; allow people to regard you as leaders not you placing yourself, failure could lead to the genesis of your political death. Your loyalty must never be in dispute, continue to appreciate those who place you in this lofty height.
Do your best in making people smile but never overstress your purse. Like Yinka Ayefele sang what ever the people made you go through will definitely become their abusive language on you. Respect the party hierarchy, contribute to the development of your party, you are just a messenger with entitlements. Make your representation at the house impactful to the benefits of your ward.
My Father and Political God father use to say, no political position is to meagre to attain success, ensure you use this position to place your self at the center of the polity for relevance; placing ethics and moral values at the forefront.
I wish you well in your endeavour, but before I dropped my pen, it is expedient and of high paramount that I tell you to corporate with the executive arm for the betterment of your people; noting that you are partners in progress. Seek advice and consult when necessary, be decisive when you are left alone and remember no champion forever.
Once again, accept my warm Congratulations.
+Adedapo David

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