Palliative Asphalt Laying begins in Ijebu Igbo

The people of Ijebu Igbo have began to smile again over the palliative construction on the Adeboye Road.

The road which was under construction as a result of the construction of an over head bridge since last year had continuously been palliatively measures with granite stones by the transition committee.

Amosun who was not pleased with the agony the computers experienced in their day to day business assured the people on Sunday last week that work will commerce on the road and gave his words that the over head bridge contractors will move back to site by November.

Amosun gave his words during the burial and fidau prayer of Pa Mustapha Akeula the father of Senator Olalekan Mustapha Akeula at Aleke, Ijebu Igbo under the missionary of a frank orator, a popular Islamic cleric ,a vibrant and renowned erudite scholar and preacher of repute, an Ibadan born orator Sheik Muyhdeen Ajani Bello who took the opportunity to lambaste the corrupt judges and their families throwing a rhetorical question to the audience that what are they selling that a whooping amount of 200million was found in their house.

Amebohotnews correspondent going round the construction found that an asphalt laying was in process and graders and other machines are back on site with a strict supervision by the Council Chairmen.


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