INLG CHAIRMAN, Ekelojumati and the Epistle of Rebuilding Ijebu-North.

As it is for every journey, its cradles from a step even if its a journey of a million miles. The epistle will not be contaminated by frivolities rather it will be centered on genuine facts and figures. The solid foundation on which he took off was laid by his predecessor Otunba Osifeso Olaide having govern for a period of three years consolidating on Barrister Ogunlana Kunle’s led one year transition administration of the council.

Appointed solely by the recommendation of the Balogun of Oke Agbo, Asiwaju Dr Ipaye Babatunde to the ever amiable Governor of Ogun State, Sen Ibikunle Amosun. The appointment was filled with mixed feelings as some power brokers felt Mojeed Oladele Ekelojumati was yet an unripe fruit. He took up the paddle to embark on the voyage of the ship of Ijebu North local government with a team attached to him. He embarked on slighting for external team members as consultans, think tank, advisers and elders team.

His first mission was to ensure he broker peace among leaders which he did in fairness to posterity sake. Having divinely blessed with an ambiguous vision on repositioning and working towards gold plated name on a slate of gold, his first task was to put smile on the faces of the people. He moved to the street with the council grader having paid a royal courtesy visit to all Obas in the local government of Ijebu North.

It was perhaps because of his vigour and ability to deliver was elected the ALGON Chairman of Ogun State which is first its kind in ijebu North, which also made him the southwest representative to visit President Muhammad Buhari on the repositioning of local governments in Nigeria. He utilized this position facilitating prospects through which some agro-investors has started to make feasibility and viability studies in Ijebu North rural areas. He speedily, began a move on focusing more on generating more revenue to the coffers of the government with the unshivering support of his team and the career officers,this he did respectfully without undue inflict of agony on people.

The Oke Agbo born tireless striker, took the burden of a over five years vacancy of a traditional Stoll on his shoulders sleeping at the corridors of the Commissioner in charge of the Chieftaincy affairs as well as the Awujale of Ijebu Land with the kind support of the Honourable Commissioner for Health Dr Ipaye Babatunde. The Kingship Stoll that has caused many unwarranted death was later filled by Oba Aderemi OGUNYE, the Abijaparako of Japara whose coronation rekindled the lost hope of the Ijebu Igbo citizens on the crowning of OriMolusi. The epistle would have been filled with a lacuna if his effort in ensuring enthronement the OriMolusi becomes a reality having rallied for the support of the elders of Ijebu Igbo is not mentioned, which in few months will manifest.

A foundation was laid for the construction of Mamu market toilets and bathroom to serve the traders especially those coming from Ibadan. Same was reciprocated at Atikori market with a foundation of 12 rooms lock up shops. He laid to rest the fears of some constituents having commissioned the Mamu market toilets and bathrooms. He has vowed to complete that of Atikori in few days to come. Within the shortest period of 14 months over 100 roads were graded from time to time especially at the rural areas to ensure free flow of farm produce to the urban residents. Just of a recent he has through his special appeal ensured the state government begins an operation no potholes which has started from Oru.

Raymond Jay Mojeed as fondly call by some Lagosians humbled himself to all, ensuring a cordial relationship between him and the governed. Security of the the local government was his priority establishing a strong security team battling insecurities of what ever phenomenon. His administrative sagacity made him triumph during the protest of the student of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic which led to destruction of properties belonging to IBEDC in Ijebu Igbo which he fixed without delay having garnered the support of Oba Bejeroku of Oke Agbo, it also led to submission of dangerous amunition by many cult members in the local government.

As he takes a bow out of office in a couple of weeks, we can only wish him a lofty attainment in his future endeavour and we pray for rich blessings beyond his solicit. Posterity will not forget you Mojeed Abdulrahmon Ekelojumati Oladele.

+Adedapo David


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