The Peoples Democratic Party believed to be loyal to Senator Buruji Kashamu has to sued Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission over what it regards to ill favour of the minority group of the party. 

Speaking at an emergency meeting held in Ijebu Igbo, the factional Chairman of the PDP, Engr Bayo Dayo said OGISEC will not know peace until they reverse the injustice done against the recognized Executive led by him.

He said they have filed criminal contempt proceedings against OGISEC and other two for not accepting its faction Chairmanship and Councillorship lists.

We are familiar with the antics of OGISEC, this same thing happened in 2012, they even wrote the results making them the refree in their own match.

Honestly we have submitted all genuine documents to OGISEC conveying that we are the recognized exco not the other people

It was not the first time OGSIEC will be involved in this kind of illegality and injustice. It happened in 2012 and we dealt with them”. His words, “OGSIEC’s action is a clear travesty of justice that won’t stand the test of time. We have submitted all the genuine, legally binding documents in our possession to OGSIEC – a final judgment concerning the Ogun State Exco that has also been registered in the Ogun State High Court and automatically becomes a binding court judgment in the state has been served on OGSIEC; all the INEC reports on the congresses, including the cover letter from INEC was served on them; a letter from the caretaker committee that gave some percentage of the delegates to those parading themselves as the parallel group was also submitted to them. “What is more, OGSIEC on its own wrote to INEC ask “Already, we have filed criminal contempt proceedings against all those concerned. I believe that very soon, the contemnors will find themselves where they rightly belong. “Also, a case has been filed against OGSIEC, the Attorney-General of Ogun State and the Commissioner for Justice and the Ministry/Minister of Finance wherein the authentic Ogun State PDP Exco is asking the court to declare the Local Government election null and void if it is held without the authentic and validly nominated candidates by the ONLY recognised Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led State Exco. “The authentic and recognised State Exco who are the plaintiffs in the suit are also asking the court to stop the allocations due to the local government that will be constituted without the participation of the validly nominated candidates of the PDP.”

We will seek justice until what is wrong is right.


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