The council of street heads otherwise known as Olorituns have unanimously endorsed the candidature of DR TAOFEEK KASSIM (DTK) as the next Chairman of Ijebu North Local Government.

Speaking at the meeting held at Sopen Lukale’s palace, Oke Sopen, the Chairman of the Council of Olorituns Alh Chief Idris Mafoya said “saying the fact,we have no better choice than you. Your father Alh Shokas has developed Oke Sopen economically and talking about you what seems impossible during the last administration, you as the present SLG and your Chairman Ekelojumati, made it possible for Oke Sopen, I know you understand; you are our Son and we can say this anywhere, we are proud of you”


Also speaking before Alh Mafoya was High Chief Hon Olaitan Asekun who intimated the council of the party leaders endorsement of Kassim as the preffered party’s candidate.

Similarly, the secretary of the council Alh Chief Ladejobi spoke on behalf of the council members. We have no doubt in you-Kassim, we know who your father is, we know who you are, you are our Son, and we love to see you on the seat”. He further said “let me thank the leadership of your party APC for deeming it fit to bring you before us and also giving a son of Okesopen the benefit of doubt to govern, I tell you we endorse you Dr Kassim, we have seen Asekun, we have seen Hon Sansa and many others, these are credible personalities”.

In response, Dr Taofeek Kassim appreciated the council who he described as fathers’ who raised and nurture him, he appreciated the fact that he was welcomed with joy and delightful honour, he promise to ensure he protects the legacy of Oke Sopen and Ijebu North in general.


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