Without reconciliation between OGD and Kashamu, Ogun PDP is as good as dead—Prince Segun Seriki


An unending battle is unduly demanding, frustratingly unrewarding and purposeless. In political parlance, it’s illogically unwise since political involvement is by choice and not by force. I’ve repeatedly canvassed the reconciliation of the two visibly apex leaders in Ogun PDP ie OGD & SPBK, as the panacea for the party’s progress, yet without much success but I remain resolute. This is because I’m convinced that without this reconciliation, efforts at general party unity no matter how well conceived and executed is an illusionary mirage.

However, I sincerely wish whoever believes otherwise the very best of luck without any iota of desire to further join issues.
I’m however compelled to further clarify my views on the ongoing multiple court cases claims and counter claims being flaunted by both the Sheriff & Makarfi camps. I reiterate my position that as desirable as political solution of party conflicts is, it can’t render irrelevant the sanctity of judicial adjucation since party membership & activities, even outrightly the general existence is predicated to a constitution. Thus there is nothing mandatory about political solution if camps divided by legitimate bias can’t manage concessions, the courts should be the inevitable arbiters.

Devoid of pretences & sentiments, it’s thereafter and from these arbitration that a compass would reasonably emerge for a political solution navigation. This could be parting of ways as per political parties or mutual resolve to manage peculiar differences within constitutional guidance & political exigencies. With the reality of approaching judgement(s) that would coalesce the multiple divergent court judgements, I strongly believe the beginning of the end of PDP conflicts is about to frankly begin!!!

I propose very sincerely that we better be getting prepared to the reality of a political association amongst ourselves that would be guided by the party constitution that bonds us together rather than the sentiments of the past. A loser or failure in life is majorly he who can’t adapt to changing realities of life. Gone it seems were the days of posturings based on the past glory except there is the capacity to do a reinvent. Unfortunately, there is no more an “Aso rock” to wield the stick and carrot nor be employed to coax people into concurrence. Luckily, there is ample time for the judicial Victor to reposition the part that no matter the resultant effects of these battles before the next general elections.

Personally, in all these, I foresee the reoccurrence of the 2011 Kafarati judgement which until now some people are yet to appreciate. It’s simply the judgement of court given by the courts to preserve herself and enforce her relevance in ensuring the propagation of rule of law. It’s entrenched in jurisprudence the world over that “an order of court, good or bad, must be obeyed”. It could even make an otherwise righteous litigant to become guilty & run fowl of the law via contemptuous acts. And somethings have certainly been done in this ongoing process, in defiance of subsisting court orders.

No matter the good intentions & driving logics, actions in deviance of court orders amounts to building edifice on nothing as foundation. It can’t stand, but won’t stand. I think these occurrences would grow our democracy as per obedience to agreed rules rather than impunity.

Moving forward, I hope our leaders would generally learn to conduct within the laws & documented agreements rather than indulge in egocentric conveniences and sentiments. So doing would safe them avoidable battles and their followers won’t unnecessarily be put to worthless stress.


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