Adekanmbi Goke, Others applauds Ipaye on Birthday’s Philanthropy

A former regional manager of the defunct Afri-Bank PLC, Mr Goke Adekanmbi has explicitly express is overwhelming satisfaction and appreciation to the Ogun State Commissioner for Health Dr Babatunde Ipaye for maintaining his foundation scholarship scheme of over seven years. He said giving back to the community especially in the path of building and moulding the future generation is worth eulogizing.


                Dr Babatunde Ipaye

“I would like to first of all congratulate Dr Asiwaju Babatunde Ipaye on this occasion of his birthday and scholarship award for indigent students of Ijebu Igbo and its environ to commemorate the birthday. Dr Ipaye has been a good son of the soil (Ijebu Igbo & Ijebu North as a whole). I have got to know him to be a reputable man of impeccable character, honourable and a man with a large hearth. He is dependable, reliable and a man of his words. No wonder he has been committed to this scholarship project even when he is not a billionaire, he has always been there to assist these indigent students come rain come shine. So I really salute his large heart for this scholarship project that he has been running for over six years.


              Mr Adekanmbi Adegoke

He has decided to give back to the society and I can only encourage him to continue with the good work. About ten students from various universities collected cheques ranging between N100,000 to N350,000. Another five applicants were paid N40,000 each compensatory fees. Similarly students of various secondary schools who took part in mathematics competition received several prices from Ipaye foundation. This is highly desirable and commendable.

I will therefore like to salute my amiable brother Asiwaju Dr Babatunde Ipaye- the Pride of ijebu (Ogo ijebu)for his kindness and investment in the young ones who are the future of Ijebu Igbo. I pray the good Lord will reward him in multiple folds. Once again I wish Dr Babatunde Ipaye happy birthday, many happy returns”

Other dignitaries at the occasion who spoke with amebo stated the following;

Mrs Fowosire, I have been following this foundation since cradle, I know how much Ipaye has invested in the lives of these young brilliant students and I can only but pray for enrichment of his pocket as we all also join to bless the foundation ”

Dr Osibamowo, “Ipaye foundation is quintessential, I must confess. You see, when you build the youth, you build a nation. God bless my brother Ipaye for staying true to his words”

Prof Mrs Ogungbe, “I’m the happiest today, you know why? Because Ipaye made me proud all ways. I have been in this foundation from the on-set, I can tell you Ipaye made us proud. Right from his days at Beje High School, he has always been amazing. I’m not amazed he is the number one medical doctor of Ogun state today. May the Almighty bless his pocket greatly.


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