Politics: Gov Wike slams Fayose.

GOVERNOR Nyesom Wike on Tuesday lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for distancing himself from the re-run elections in the state, saying he did not interfere with the exercise, Vanguard reports.

The governor said the will of the people was stronger than any military and police might, adding that some Abuja politicians only came to intimidate the state with the name of Mr President who maintained neutrality all through the rerun elections.



You will agree with me that Buhari has displayed political maturity,civility,decorum and enough signs that He is now a repented Democrat by refusing to interfere with the affairs. Of the National Assembly leadership all th re-run elections so far even against the wish of his party loyalists. If this isn’t change what else is? We shall gradually get there.

“Those who were overzealous during the rerun elections did so without the knowledge of the president. “


However, Gov Fayose ignorantly claimed that Buhari was behind the election madness experienced in Rivers state

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