Kashamu Arrest Powerless Deji Ashaye over Derogatory Statement

Senator Buruji Kashamu one of the senators of the federal republic has been on the news lately but this time accused of ordering the arrest of a young social media commentator Deji Babinton Ashaye who amebo had called the controversial senator a fraud.


According to reports gathered from the Facebook many of the powerless commentator have reach out to the social media to either attack the senator or appeal on behalf Deji. Deji who is known as a staunch supporter of Otunba Gbenga Daniel the former Governor of Ogun State is as at this    of report in detention.


Another media commentator Omooba Ayo Osipitan has this to say……. Senator Kashamu got someone arrested for calling him a fraud……….the powerless young man Deji Babington-ashaye just repeated what Baba Obasanjo and several others said about him.


Many of Senator Kashamu’s cyber canon used worst words on OGD, Dimeji Bankole and whoever they see as competition to their paymaster, NONE of them was ever arrested.
Senator Kashamu promised to deal with OBJ for saying he (Kashamu) is a criminal, I guess he is still in the process or he just couldn’t do it because of OBJ’s power.
***It is common knowledge worldwide that senator Kashamu is an international fugitive with ongoing extradition process on his trail, and he dare not visit America today.
***it is also a national knowledge that senator Kashamu is still in court battling to get NDLEA off his back for cases of drug trafficking.
Deji Babington-ashaye shouldn’t have said Senator Kashamu is a fraud because it has not been legally proven.
He should just have said SENATOR KASHAMU IS AN INTERNATIONAL FUGITIVE, because that is legally proven by American and Nigerian NDLEA.
If the Ogun state police command can’t release Ashaye on bail, let them take him to court and let Senator Kashamu go and prove he is not a fraud. IT WILL BE HIGHLY INTERESTING.

Amebo promises to follow the case to the latter.


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