LCDA; Ogun to Hold Public Hearing

The process towards passing the LCDA bill has hone through the second reading at the Ogun State House of Assembly on Thursday 17th of March 2016.

The Assembly also announced its decision to carry out a public hearing  beginning from 22nd of March according to Senatorial Districts.



The Chairman house committee on information, Hon Oyedeji Ganiyu on his Facebook page was quoted thus;

“On LCDA Creation, the bill has gone through the second reading yesterday Thursday at OGHA.
Public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday 22nd March -East Sanatorial District, Wednesday 23rd March – Central Senatorial and 24th March 2016 -West Senatorial District”

The assembly member representing IFO Constituency-2, also noted that information on electioneering process is the sole responsibility of Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission and for the mean time no information is on ground viz;

“OGISEC is to fix the date for election and no information yet on this.”

Ogun State recently proposed an addition of 37 LCDAs with the existing 20 Local Governments with an explanation that Government will be more closer to the people so as to fast track competitive development.

Stakeholders are enjoined to come with vital documents as the case may that will aid solving complaints.



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