Editorial; I Belong to No-one but Everybody: The Consequence



The aftermath of the presidential inaguaral speech with a major caption “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody” has till date affected negatively, the progress of the current administration.

It is no doubt the President meant well for the country but in a democratic setting especially presidential system of government the chief security officer must belong to somebody.

Buhari came to power through the political strength and dexterity of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who fought against the dollar rain of Atiku, Okorocha and the rest. He also majorly contributed to the victory at the national polls despite being the major target from the now opposition party  inclusive of a media brouhaha tagged lion of boudillion.

Many Nigerians were delighted about the Buhari’s speech but for some us who have a link to partisan politics knew quite well there is going to be a problem.

The game started after the swearing-in, in which many who saw Tinubu has a threat came together to fought him. The President was quiet ill advised not to partake in the process of principal officers of the national assembly hence the emergence of Saraki and Dogara against the party’s preference, even that of the presidency.


Since his emergence as the President of the Senate, Saraki has been in one mess or the other ranging from corruption allegation, False asserts declaration and other similar offences.

By and large, the budget has been the only available tool (for now) Senators loyal to Saraki are making use of. Month of March and Nigeria has no direction as linked to budgetary passage. From the mess of budget theft, budget paddling to unpreparedness to pass the budget.

Cases at the supreme court in favour of opposition party despite a glaring electoral malpractices, killings etc is another setback that has position the ruling party backward. Today Wike of Rivers state has become a night mere to the people of Rivers state.


Economic progressive velocity is inversely proportional to the expectations of Nigerians as corruption is fighting Buhari “back to back”.

Though the President has been favouring Tinubu’s allies in appointment but Buhari is yet to understand the game of politics and should allow the likes of Tinubu play the magical role of quenching political hullabaloo.

Buhari should understand that every statement has its consequence and today I belong to all should be a military pronouncement not in a democratic setting where opposing mechanism is always in locomotion.

Only God knows the next bargain by Senate, it could be Buhari’s seat!

Adedapo David
Editor in Chief


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