Awujale goofed by downgrading Ijebu Igbo–Otunba Busari


“In short, the Alake, from history and all available records, is a very junior traditional ruler in Yorubaland. His peers in Ijebuland are the Dagburewe of Idowa; Ajalorun of Ijebu-Ife; Akija of Ikija-Ijebu; Olowu of Owu-Ijebu; Oloko of Ijebu-Imushin; Orimolusi of Ijebu-Igbo and Ebumawe of Ago Iwoye……..

Once again, to all who may have come across my rejoinder in any form or shape, may I categorically declare that I am not representing any organization neither am I a Public Relation Officer for anybody as far as this article is concern. But I felt that degrading my home town, washing down the Royal Office of my Kingdom with a statement that may cause mayhem, and later embarrassment to my people needed a closer look.

After reading the bomb-shell, I got upset and furious, I relaxed waiting for the true sons of the soil to make this rejoinder. And am very sure, many erudite citizens and scholars from my home town will feel the same only that some may have been coward into their shell for the best reason known to them. This is quiet shameful and unfortunate.

Nevertheless, I think we need to the make the record straight from our own end as well. Ijebu Igbo is a Kingdom and not a town. We have known the Ijebu people to be co-habiting among each other, with the natural and God-given business acumen from the era of slave trade till the independence, also in the history, I happened to discover that Ijebus are peace loving people, closely knight together as siblings with their culture and heritage.

While we are trying not to cause confusion among the siblings by making a comparative statement that will not go down well to the whole Ijebu Land, I and my people, my colleague who share the same aspiration with me had hitherto find it very difficult to swallow that “Orimolusi Vacant stool”, the throne we are still struggling to fill could be washed down publicly as such in spite of the honour we bestowed on each other as neighbors and siblings, where and when we are all admitted that we are brothers keeper.

Albeit, even the absence of Orimolusi is an indication the He or She, His Royal Highness, The Orimolusi of Ijebu Igbo, Adoro-oke, Omo Olufore-sete-je(Our future King) does not even involve in the file and rancor debate on who is Junior and who is senior. Yet, as He/She is vaporised and diminished in public is worrisome as such and to look into why this same Orimolusi is never emerge.

Without much of rhetorics and for the sake of those who never have the opportunity to read our history, the founder of Ijebu Igbo came from Ijebu Ode, in search of daily bread, went to Ijebu Igbo on hunting, only to come and discovered that his junior brother has taken over their father’s throne, in order to avoid feuds among siblings he was then persuaded to dominate Ijebu Igbo as his own Kingdom.

The idea of who is Senior or Junior was created as a result of Political dominance and geographical location. It is very unfortunate that Oba Adeboye involved in a plane crash in those days, the effect of which crippled Ijebu Igbo till now. Hence we will be speaking different language today.

I am an holder of traditional mace and will never insult the elders or our Royal Fathers, who am I to say that His Majesty did not say well but I think we should also be able to make the record straight where we find it crooked. Not because of today but for the Unity of all and Sundry in Ijebu Land and Yoruba Land at large. Orimousi is never a Junior Oba. We are a Kingdom of our own and not a town.

Jointly Signed by
Otunba Ola Busari
Adeleke Odumuyiwa


8 thoughts on “Awujale goofed by downgrading Ijebu Igbo–Otunba Busari

  1. ‘Without much of rhetorics and for the sake of those who never have the opportunity to read our history, the FOUNDER of Ijebu Igbo came from Ijebu Ode’
    With reference to the above statement, it’s pertinent to correct the choice of word used. Ijebu igbo already had on ground five towns with their heads before d coming of a Prince from ijebu Ode to hunt in ijebu igbo forest. He was just assisted out of pity to head d five towns when it was discovered that he had lost d throne to his brother b4 returning home from his hunting expeditions. Ijebu igbo was never subservient to ijebu Ode b4 politics was introduced by colonial masters for easy administration.


  2. I strogly believe in what otunba busari qoutes ijebu igbo is this what awujale trying to do in terms of elevate five chief to obas


  3. Thank you sir for such boldness. Elders will never diminish in our land.Ase.
    I posted in the above story as my father told me and as i happened to hear in Papa Haruna Ishola song dedicated to Oba sikiru adetona when he become king . So like Jacob Ijebu Ode undercut his senior brother (Ositelu) Ijebu Igbo to take over their father’s throne.
    Even i was told that Orimolusi crown is not ordinary as that crown was found inside an elephant.
    Please elsers as stated i am not interested in position but speak up tell us and the coming generation the truth before you will join our ancestors.
    Thank you


  4. Ta ba pe Lori imi esin kesin a ma ju ni. A powerful kingdom’s throbe can never be left vacant for years. The number of years without a head has rendered the km ngdom / throne powerless and irrelevant. Wake up and do the right thing.. If you allow Olojowo of Ojowo, Onijapara of Japara etc to emerge. Its final bye bye to Orimolusi. Let those who have ears listen.


  5. From history, the first 3 people to arrive Ijebu were Ofiran/Awujale, Elese-Ijebu and Olisa Ilese-Ijebu. Later after about 100 years, the Olisa of Ijebu Ode joined them.
    The Oba Ijebu Ode had two sons: Onayelu and Osiyemi. Royal Prince Onayelu was a great hunter and the hunting bush where Prince Onayelu hunted for animals is situated at Ijebu Igbo. He (Onayelu) sometimes stay for weeks, months in the hunting bush. Before he returns to his father in Ijebu Ode from one of his hunting journey, his father Oba Awujale (may be Ofiran) died, and when they did not see the elder brother Prince Onayelu on time and did not know much about his whereabouts, they crowned his younger brother Royal Prince Osiyemi before his arrival, to reign in place of their deceased father. On his return, the news did not go well with Prince Onayelu that the Afobajes crowned his younger brother to reign in place of his father, and as a lover of peace, he (Onayelu) decided to move to his hunting bush. He said and I quote “I WILL GO BACK TO THE BUSH TO LIVE MY LIFE AS IJEBU” (Emi yoo lo maa se Ijebu temi ninu igbo). This was how the elder brother moved his base to Ijebu Igbo, and whenever the traders were on their journey to Ijebu Igbo, they will say that “I am going to the Ijebu in the bush to trade” ***Ijebu Igbo is a kingdom. People like Tanrin, Sopen, Ogun-elegi, Bejeroku etc. lived in Ijebu Igbo long before the enthronement of Prince Onayelu *** As a great hunter, Prince Onayelu killed a big elephant at Iperin along Ijebu Igbo, and that was where they got the first royal crown etc used in the town. To compensate this Prince, the people of Ijebu Igbo agreed to enthrone him as the first Orimolusi of Ijebu Igbo.
    I quite agree that Ijebu Ode is more developed than Ijebu Igbo (because Oba started to reign in Ijebu Ode before Ijebu Igbo) but I think it is an understatement to compare or grade the throne of Orimolusi of Ijebu Igbo on same level with Ajalorun of Ijebu Ife, Oloko of Ijebu Imushin, Dagburewe of Idowa.

    Although, I dont know how Alake emerged as the Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, yet I honour his as a royal father. I beg all my people in Ijebu land to whole-heartedly support Oba Awujale of Ijebu Ode as the Paramount Ruler of Ijebu Land. He (Awujale) is the best for that office within Ijebu Societies because he reigns on the seat of the first Oba in Ijebu Community. I honour him.

    Fighting for the rights and entitlements of Ijebu should be done jointly. Lets everyone of us in Ijebu join hands together with the Oba Awujale of Ijebu-Ode His Royal Majesty Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, the paramount ruler of Ijebu land. He knows much about this land (since his enthronement in 1959/1960).

    I remember my uncle today. the Jagunmolu of Ijebu Igbo (Rest in Peace).


    Ijebu Diocese of
    Calvary Apostolic Chapel
    Ijebu, Ogun State. Nigeria


  6. I am from and a descendant of the AJAGUNNA in OJOWO, ijebu Igbo. What Awujale did was a great plan to attenuate ijebu-igbo. This he started long time ago after the demise of oba Adeboye with all the historical facts associated with it. Oba Adeboye who had been the head oba for all ijebu towns even when he the present Awujale was still wearing boxers around in ijebu Igbo where he grew up! His mother gave birth to him & brought him up in ijebu-igbo. If he did not bring ijebu-igbo down like that, the competition with ijebu ode would have been too hot for him to handle! How do expect the ijebu regberegbes to go & be paying homage to him yearly. Awujale is Awujale of ijebu-ode not of ijebu land. Please kindly ask yourself why there is no development in ijebu-igbo? Whereas ijebu-igbo has roads linking it to Oyo state, osun state,& EDO state directly. Why by pass ijebu-igbo & go through a longer distance ijebu-ode? Pastor obijole AO.


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