List of LCDA submitted to Ogun Assembly

Ogun State Local Government Areas/Local Council Development Areas.

1. Abeokuta North                 Akomoje
2. Abeokuta North West       Lafenwa
3. Abeokuta North East        Ita Iyalode
4. Oke Ogun                            Impala
5. Abeokuta South                 Ake
6.Abeokuta South East         Ijeun Titun
7.Abeokuta South West        Ijeja
8.Ado Odo/ Ota                      Oga
9.Ado Odo                               Ado Odo
10.Agbara/Igbesa                  Igbesa
11.Ota West                            Atan Ota
12.Sango/ Ijoko                     Sango
13.Ewekoro.                            Itori
14.Ewekoro North                  Wasinmi
15.Ifo                                        Ifo
16.Ifo Central                          Agbado
17.Coker Ibogun                     Ibogun
18.Ifo South                            Ojodu
19.Ijebu East                           Ogbere
20.Ijebu East Central             Ojowo
21.Ijebu North                        Ijebu Igbo
22.Ijebu North Central          Oru
23. Ijebu Igbo West               Ojowo
24.Ago Iwoye                         Ibipe
25.Ijebu North East               Atan
26.Yemoji                               Ilese
27.Ijebu Ode                           Ijebu Ode
28.Ijebu Ode South               Oke Aje
29.Ikenne                                Ikenne
30.Remo Central                   Iperu
31.Imeko                                Imeko
32.Afon                                  Oloka Afon
33.Ipokia                                Ipokia
34.Ipokia West                      Ijofin
35.Idi Iroko                            Idi Iroko
36.Obafemi Owode             Owode
37.Oba                                   Oba
38.Obafemi                           Obafemi
39.Ofada/ Mokoloki            Mowe
40.Odeda                               Odeda
41.Opeji                                 Opeji
42.Ilugun                               Ilugun
43.Odogbolu                        Odogbolu
44.Leguru                             Ala
45.Ifesowapo                      Imodi
46.Ogun Waterside             Abigi
47.Ogun Waterside East    Bolorunduro Efire
48.Remo North                   Isara
49.Remo North East          Ode Remo
50. Sagamu Central           Sagamu
51.Sagamu Remo West     Makun
52.Sagamu Remo South    Sotubo
53.Yewa North                     Ayetoro
54.Iju                                      Iboro
55.Ketu                                  Tata
56.Yewa South                     Ilaro
57.Yewa South East            Oke Odan


6 thoughts on “List of LCDA submitted to Ogun Assembly

  1. Pls sir I need clarification as per number 20 and 23..their capital tends to be the same, or re we having 2 local council head quarter in ojowo?


  2. How can the LCDA create more jobs for youth, if this Bill is finally passed politicians with fix their people there


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