King Wasiu Ayinde In Tears…

Anyone who followed closely all activities cumulating to the coronation of the 41st Olubadan HRH Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji will agree that Wasiu Ayinde K1 was conspcously very active both physically and financially in all that transpired.


The point at which K1 started shedding tears the moment the Staff of Office was handed over to the new Kabiyesi, it left no one in doubt that there seem to be a bond neither understandable nor explainable between Oba Adetunji and K1,  I wondered what this could have been

Answers to this puzzle was found when K1 started his rendition at the grand reception organized for Kabiyesi by telecommunication gaint Globalcom.


While performing,  K1 coveted a rapt attention of the Oba whose Babalaje Records Label bank-rolled Wasiu Ayinde’s first set of albums in the beginning of his career and sings:

“Kabiyesi,  lati Omo Odun bii metadinlogun se E ranti, E fami jade ninu gutter,  E mumi kuro lo’ju titi lai mon Eye to su mi,  E tunmise tan mowa de’ni to’un lulu fo’ba jo, mowa gbe’re Fuji ka gbogbo aye”

Literally meaning,  at 17 about years of age,  when I had no idea what the future would be, you took me out of the street,  picked me out of gutter and polish me without knowing who my parents  were,  you created the platform for me to excel and today I’m world renowned entertainer playing Fuji music for cream-de-la-cream the world over.

After which K1 publicly declared himself an Ibadan Indigene and claimed Kabiyesi’s Popoyemoja compound as his family compound in Ibadan, he called himself Kabiyesi’s first born and dared Kabiyesi’s biological children to fault his claim and see how Kabiyesi would react.

K1 whose 59th birthday falls on March 3rd a day before the coronation had to cancel a show with hall booked and ticket sold-out by his fans in far away Malta to mark his birthday,  he offered to refund all expense on the show just to be in Ibadan for the coronation of Oba Adetunji.


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