Bejeroku, Ekelojumati and Community Elders rescue Ijebu Igbo from Darkness

Following the protest by the Students of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Ijebu Igbo, the management of IBEDC in charge of electricity shut down ijebu Igbo power point resulting into total gloomy days, loss of business, accelerated heat and many other losses.

The council chairman Alh Ekelojumati Oladele Mojeed swung into action by involving the Obas, Community Leaders, Government functionaries, Polytechnic management and the management of the power sector IBEDC in a three hours meeting to fashion out a way forward and restoration of light to the ancient town.

After rigorous discussion and substantial argument ranging from the lackadaisical attitude of the IBEDC management action, frequent shortage of power compared to neighboring towns, high rate of billings and lack of prepaid meters, the parties finally reached an agreement.


In the words of Dr Gbolade Osinowo, he lamented the rate at which the IBEDC Company have set back profitable progress to the constituents and that the students been blamed should be minimal “we are all once students, we are all parents, no one wishes to know or sight his/her child’s grave; I can tell you that hoodlums hijacked the protest because many of the people are not happy with IBEDC, I am not happy with your services here” he lamented “but we must find a solution to this”.


The Council Chairman who thanked everyone present appealed to the management of IBEDC to shift ground and light up ijebu Igbo. ” We understand your plight as a business organization, I have seen the damage done but all I want to hear is IBEDC have illuminated Ijebu Igbo”.


Many other Elders also took turn to vent their anger including the Bejeroku of Oke Agbo, HRM Haruna Abass. He pointed out how the black out had nearly cost a life at Oke Agbo as people were fighting because of fetching of borehole water. He queried why the management will shut down and even move to Ago Iwoye. Are u saying there are no students there, are you saying they too can’t protest, are you saying beheading is the solution to headache?” Kabiyesi asked.

The Rector AAP Prof Jumoke Bilesanmi, in her address, expressed dissatisfaction over the protest of the students but was quick to say much blame should not be placed on them. “We lost 3 students this semester in the hands of underworld men, so it is normal for my students to express their anger for quick action from every quarters” On the IBEDC, she said its is unheard off that the company shut down because she said her students were not the vandals, ” I still stand on that our Royal fathers, ladies and gentlemen. Some might be among but I can tell this sitting that hoodlums hijacked the protest; it is not a gainsaying that this company has not been fair with Ijebu Igbo so the probability of some dissatisfied members of the community hijacking the protest is 1″


In there response Mr Tope Bello the  regional head from Abeokuta, Engr Famakinde the ijebu ode busines manager and technical manager from Ijebu Ode, Mrs Angela Olanrewaju Head Branding and Corporate IBEDC and Captain Gbenga, Head Security RTF appreciated the sitting and stated their views about the ugly incident. “We are sorry for the discomfort, but we must say we took the decision because the life of an ordinary subordinate staff is precious to us than any million we might loose from making business, the management had taken a decision and we shall spell it out”.


The  conditions stated according to Amebo are that the community must repair and replace the damaged properties which was estimated as #827,500; that the community will ensure safety of the life’s and properties of their workers, that all agreement are to be documented forthwith.


Though these conditions met the Community leaders, government functionaries, polytechnic management with a total shock and a protest followed but the Oba of Oke Agbo, Bejeroku of Oke Agbo HRM Haruna Abass took it upon himself and issued a cheque of #827,500 (Eight hundred and Twenty-Seven thousand, Five hundred Naira Only) for the repair and repurchase of the damaged properties.


This met an ovation by all in attendance and the Council Chairman was quick to add that a place has been created within the council to house the management of the IBEDC in other to ensure no reoccurrence of such nature occurred.


A communique was later issued on the MoU and the management promised to power the ancient town without delay.
At the meeting was the Council Chairman, the Bejeroku of Oke Agbo, Kegbo of Atikori Oba Ibitoye Solaja, Representative of Sopen Lukale, Dr Gbolade Osinowo, Representative of Sen Biyi Durojaye; Ambassador Oshideko, D.P.O Ijebu Igbo, Rector AAP Prof Jumoke Bilesanmi Awoderu, Alh R.O Odusina, Commandant of VGN Mr Femi Adesanya, Director of SSS, Community Chiefs, Local Government political functionaries and Staff led by the HOLGA, Alh Akeula, Ajiroba of Oke Agbo, Alh Ayinde Sulaiman, Comandant of Civil Defense, representative of students Union,  many others.



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