Sagamu Youths Might Clash With Police Over D.P.O’s Corrupt Practices

Sagamu local government in Ogun State might witness a clash of the titan over an alleged gross professional misconduct of the DPO named John Mark.
The youths who have took to various social media to vent their anger came up with different inscriptions to convey their displeasure.


It will be recalled that weeks back, the House Leader Ogun State who is also the representative of Sagamu 1 state constituency ( house of assembly) had been in grave conflict with the Police officer which had resulted in serious blackmail by the police alleging that the House Leader Hon Yinka Mafe is a cultist.


It is however been rumoured that the youths are planning a protest against the DPO and Sagamu police.

Amebo in its inquiry heard that the DPO extorts money ranging from 20000 to 200000 Naira from whoever is arrested as bail. According to a lad who refuse to name himself for fear of arrest said

“If you are arrested with an Okada your bail is 20,000; if it is your car prepare for 40,000 bail, if you were arrested at cyber cafe either you are yahoo boy or not prepare for 200,000 bail”


This however will not be the first time Sagamu will witness such crises. The youths pleaded with the President Muhammad Buhari, Governor Senator Ibikunle Amosun FCA , Inspector General of Police and Commissioner of Police, Ogun to come to their rescue.


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