Bombshell; Saraki never begged Tinubu–Oyegun

Chief John Oyegun has described the social media outburst that the APC top leaders meeting had discussion of any plead by Saraki to Tinubu as false.

Contrary to the widespread rumour that Bukola Saraki sought Tinubu’s mercy over his CCT trial at a meeting in the Vice President’s office on Wednesday, Oyegun hinted that the gathering was a party leadership caucus meeting where national and party matters were only discussed.

Oyegun, who expressed surprise at the steep manner the rumour of Saraki begging Tinubu spread, said:
“As a matter of fact, it was most funny that whilst the meeting was on, the social media was already agog with exactly what you just mentioned and somebody read it to us right at the meeting and everyone had a good laugh and that was the end of the matter.
“As I said, there are serious issues of national importance and that group is one of the most select in the party. It is a group that brings all aspects of government and party at the highest level together. So, you can guess the kind of things that they will be addressing; not things as mundane as who is apologising to who.”


Chief John Oyegun, APC National Chairman.

Chief Oyegun, however, disclosed that the party had scheduled the long-awaited meeting of the Board of Trustees and National Executive Committee for March 22 and 24 respectively.

Meanwhile, a reliable source had hinted The Brief that Senate President Bukola Saraki couldn’t get to the meeting until later hours after its commencement. The source informed that Saraki, that day, was hooked at the Senate plenary.
The source expressed displeasure over the rumour. “How a man whose such meeting was called all in his favour can still get to the meeting so lately for whatever reasons. Does it mean the CCT case isn’t important to him?” the source said.

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